Would You Like to Make a Difference in the Life of Others?

Care Companions, Ltd. provides a complete caregiver training program that is designed for families who wish to provide informed care to their loved ones who desire to remain at home through the life span.

Who Can Benefit from this training?

In a nutshell- everyone can.

Whether we like to admit it or not, life is progressive - and different life stages require knowledge, adaptation, and sometimes choices that are not easy.

Healing and regeneration are the outcomes that we all hope for, but for those who are facing advancing age, chronic conditions, or terminal illness there are simple, evidence-based care techniques that can bring peace and comfort to this stage of life.

Meet Your Teacher

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Annette Childs, Ph.D., is a nationally recognized educator, award-winning author, and long time clinician. She has dedicated much of her work to changing how we care for the aging and those at the end of life. She believes that everyone deserves dignity throughout the lifespan and understands that this can often be difficult to achieve. Annette brings insights from her work in hospice, palliative care, and geriatrics, as well as her clinical experience caring for patients and their families facing chronic or life limiting illnesses.

Her M.A.P.S. Navigation training program combines the fundamentals of caregiving with comfort based care techniques that focus on quality of life . The goal of the M.A.P.S. Navigation program is to support the aging and the medically fragile in ways that allow them to maintain their autonmy and remain in the home setting through the lifespan.

What's in the Training?

Seven training modules with post tests to help you feel confident that you have learned the material.

Modules cover nine general topic areas including record keeping, nutrition, and communication skills.

M.A.P.S Navigation® is a proprietary caregiving philosophy where the focus of care is on Quality of Life and Comfort Care. M.A.P.S. stands for:

Manage Symptoms

Alleviate Suffering

Provide Companionship

Support Autonomy

At Care Companions, LTD., we believe that informed caregiving is the key to helping clients and families maintain their quality of life. Because of this, every family that enrolls in training receives access to the M.A.P.S. Navigation Plan of Care - a detailed document that when filled out is like an informal roadmap forward.

Most individuals report that they would prefer less medical intervention and more time spent in the comfort of their own homes- yet the majority of American's are unable to remain at home through the lifespan. A primary reason for this is lack of communication and lack of planning.Research indicates that having an informed care plan in place is the number one way to achieve the goal of remaining at home, yet few Americans know how to create this detailed care plan and because of this few acheive their goal of remaining at home through the lifespan.

The M.A.P.S. Navigation Plan of Care changes that by facilitating clear communications that allow a personalized careplan to be created and followed at home

This one simple change makes the goal of remaining in the home setting achievable.

What the Course Includes:

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Caregiving Essentials 101

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The M.A.P. S. Navigation Program® Comfort Care through The Lifespan

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Living with Dying e-book

($49 Value)

This 120 page e-book is a primer in comfort based care and palliative care philosophies.

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Certified Care Companion Guide e-Book

A 287 page guide to all things Caregiving A-Z.

A $779 value that is just $199 for a limited time

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Contact us to learn more about the education program available for those interested in becoming a M.A.P.S. Certified Professional in the Caregiving Industry


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